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Premier Domain Names Owned by, Inc.




As might be expected much interest has been expressed in buying many of these premier domain names.  Some domains are scheduled to be developed, often with operating partners, therefore are not for sale. We have not established offer prices for any of our domains, but we will respectfully consider attractive bids, or revenue sharing development proposals, fully reflecting the market value of our brandable domain names.


Generally speaking, our domains are among the best anywhere, so any bids must be high enough to be of real interest to us.


To better understand market prices of premium domains and to formulate a bid that will be of interest to us, we suggest you study prices of actual transactions, which are shown on the links below.



     1 digit number: (CHIP)

      2 digit numbers: (CHIP)

      3 digit numbers: (CHIP)

      4 digit numbers: (CHIP)

      5 digit numbers: (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP)




      2 letters: (CHIP) (Texas)

      3 letters: (CHIP) (CHIP)

      4 letters: (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (Indium gallium zinc oxide display screen) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP) (Top Level Domain Name) (CHIP) (CHIP) (CHIP)  

      5 letters: (Top Level Domain Names)

      6 letters:     (revenue site)

       7 letters:​​

Other Numbers + Letters      (revenue site) (revenue site)


Note:  Domains may have been developed or sold since this list was updated.



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